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Class 3/4 R

Croeso i Ddosbarth Miss Reynolds



The staff in Years 3 and 4 work closely together and your child will get to know all the staff in the department.

Teaching staff and Teaching Assistants:

3/4R – Miss Reynolds and Mrs Sanyal

3/4D – Mr Davies and Mr Snedden

3/4DE – Mrs Dyer/Mrs Ellis and Mrs Foxhall/Mrs Phillips 



It is always lovely to see the children wearing school uniform, and we hope to see the children wearing the red Fenton school jumper as often as possible. Please make sure that your child’s name is clearly marked on all items of clothing so that in the event of it being misplaced, it can be returned promptly.



Your child will have a reading book to take home on a regular basis and we would like his/her reading card to be signed by an adult after completing the book and returned to school. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of learning the times tables to help support your child in their procedural maths and reasoning.


Summer Term Topic - Flow


From humble beginnings the river flows down the mountain and in to the sea.


Pull on your wellies and wade right in...

How deep does it go and how fast does it travel?

What soil types can you find by the riverside?

Which animals make their homes there?

Let's get down to the river bank and find out!


Now hop on an imaginary boat and travel some of the world's most majestic rivers - the Ganges, the Thames, the Amazon and Nile - and keep a journal as you follow their course.


Time to investigate! As part of the local news team, it's your task to track down the source of some mystery pollution. Where did it come from and who is to blame?


Let's meander through the world of rivers, taking a dip in to their watery world!


River Field Trip


We have been studying rivers this term, so this week 3/4R went on a Field Trip to observe a river system.

We visited the source of the Afon Syfynwy which is a tributary of the Eastern Cleddau and followed it to Pantmaenog Forest and then Llys-Y-Frân Reservoir.


We visited the top of the Preseli Hills to look at the source of the Afon Syfynwy.


Moss being squeezed to show the amount of water it can hold.


A pole was pushed into the ground to see how deep the bog was before it touched rock.

On average it was 2. 5 metres deep.


At Pantmaenog forest we investigated the flow of water in the river channel.


We used a stopwatch and recorded the time it took for a plastic ball to float down the river between two markers. We did this several times to find the average speed of the flow of water.


At Llys-Y-Frân Reservoir which opened in 1972, we discussed water usage. The reservoir was opened in order to service the oil industry in Milford Haven.



Picture 1 Walking to the source of the Afon Syfynwy.
Picture 1 Water being squeezed out of moss.
Picture 1 Tom measuring the depth of the bog.
Picture 1 Observing the flow of water.
Picture 1 Measuring the speed of the flow of water.
Picture 1 Llys-y-Fran Reservoir
Picture 1 Discussion about water usage.
Picture 1 At the base of the dam.
Picture 1 An impressive sight!